Proud Dad moment when your 6yo son is getting ready for school in the other room and you hear him singing AC/DC.

He's a chip off the old block!

@kev Proud dad indeed! Nice touch!
Children at that age tend to imitate their close environment, so there you go :)

@kev For those about to Rock, we salute you!

@kev It reminds me when I sadly had to tell my daughter that it would probably not be possible to enter the church for her marriage with 'Thunderstruck' as the music.

@kev Nice work, dad. This is how you raise them. 😄

@kev Had a similar situation when "Thunder" (AC/DC) came on the radio the other day. Of course, I'm getting pumped while that intor guitar solo is playing and, out of nowhere, my daughter hollers, "THUN DAH! NA NA NA NAAH NA NA NA NA, THUN DAH!"...... I nearly shed a tear with how proud I was. 😉

@cooper hahaha my boy was singing Thunderstruck too!

When i staryed reading this i firat thouht kev was our dad. Which in a way, not completly off.

@kev amazing! I've setup a "final call to get the van" alarm with SW Imperial March and, well, my three kids also started singing it so I fell proud too 😂

Just think, 40 years ago a good friend and I went to see the Highway to Hell concert, bought concert jerseys with that album picture of the band wearing horns with red sleeves and both wore them to school the following day. Dean Tiller, the Dean that did most of the punishment at our school made us turn them inside out and wear them that way the rest of the day. My how times have changed.

I will feel proud when I have a child who shouts "MAMA". Queen is another legend.

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