I took 2 days off work this week (today and tomorrow) only to find that my wife has “surprised” me by hiring a skip so I can clear out the loft and garage.

...oh, there’s also a shed for me to build too.

FML 🤦‍♂️

@kev @brandon ohh, so like a dumpster sort of except smaller. Now I'm going to Google why it's called a skip.

@jordan31 @brandon pretty much yeah. Skips are often used on building sites, so used for things like rubble etc. generally. Most people don’t use them for household waste, but they’re a good option as the contents get recycled.

@jordan31 @kev I think Dumpster is a brand name. The name's just been commoditized like Kleenex or Q-tips

@brandon @kev skillsaw is another, but I get cha. I didn't know about dumpster so that's kind if neat.

@kev @jordan31 Thanks for the clarification! Sorry your wife is so "generous" for your days off :P But I'm sure it'll feel nice to see some physical progress for once.

I always underestimate the sense of achievement I'll feel for having built a bookshelf or a bed frame

@brandon @kev lol that moment every husband just smiles and says "thanks honey" while having different thoughts running through their head lol.

@kev The fact that you have actually had days off before tells me your wife treats your pretty good 😜.

@kev I'd gladly take the building a shed project over a cleaning project any day.

@jordan31 @kev building things also produces debris. She knows...

@kev wait? Whatbdis u plan to do on your free days? Maybe its just me who enjoys doing house chores and handcrafts xD

@kev If your wife fits in the skip, you can enjoy the rest of your holidays :p

@kev You wife's plan finally came to fruition. She was expecting 🤣🤣🤣.

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