Pretty much 4 years ago today, I said the following on my blog:

“I personally moved over to Bitwarden around 6 months ago, following the price rises by LastPass, as well as the fact that they had been purchased by LogMeIn – who have a proven track record of not treating their users very well.”

Kev in 2017 was a very, very wise man.

@joeligj12 nope, I pay for their service and it’s been fabulous.

@kev wise indeed! Im required to use LP for work creds, and I absolutely hate it.

@unicornfarts ah, that’s rubbish! LastPass used to be great, but it seems that LogMeIn have ruined it.

Yes you were. I also respect Bitwarden's security architecture as well.

@kev I love the family features of Bitwarden and the fact that my kids and wife can have a separate password "database", if you will.

@kev @thewismit

LastPass used to be awesome, truly. Shortly after Logmein purchased them I looked at both Bitwarden and Keepass, as I was also starting to play with Syncthing back then I chose Keepass and kept with it.

@Jase @thewismit LastPass was brilliant. I couldn’t speak more highly of it. Such a shame.

@kev @thewismit

I think the same was true of WhatsApp prior to Facebook buying it. As soon as they announced the purchase I moved on to using Wire.

@kev yep, I made a move a few years ago, too, and have been well pleased... and it's easy to host your own... I do it like this:

@kev I prefer KeePass as my password solution, with syncthing to have always available the last changes between devices without recurring to any 3rd server. But I recon I install bitwarden to all my friends 😂

@kev ouch, I just saw their announcement 😕

I’m currently using BW but was using LP before and I setup an LP account for my grandmother, which she uses regularly 😕 it took some time for her to get used to LP and I don’t see her often especially during the pandemic, it’s gonna be tough to migrate her remotely!

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