I think the saga of upgrading my PC has ended.

I think...

@kev Ok you win the battle of build nightmare but that's what makes you feel satisfaction once everything is working.

I had problems with POST because I didn't know that Ryzen 5 3600 (same as yours) didn't have integrated graphics and I hadn't installed my GPU. Other than that I had all the parts I needed 😂

@kev I appreciate the benchmark. Modded Minecraft is what prompted me to upgrade from 8 to 16GB RAM a couple years ago

@kev I don't believe you get that low performance with so good PC specs. Minecraft 1.16.2/forge is running smoothly on my (quite old) laptop with max graphics on about 40-60 FPS

@yyp that’s everything set to fancy and the render distance set farrrr. If I lower stuff down a little I can easily hit 100fps.

@yyp plus I have hundreds of entities at my spawn (animals)

@kev A marvellous yak shaving story, brilliantly described. Glad it ultimately worked out. Enjoy your new kit !
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