So it lives, but does anyone have any idea why my case fan thinks it’s a helicopter and wants to take off?

So change from Auto to DC, which helped (its a 3 pin 120mm noctua) but it still spins at like 1700rpm. If I plug the old one back in, which is a cooler master, it’s absolutely fine. It’s also a 120mm 3pin.

No idea what’s going on with the Noctua. Gonna flip back to the Cooler Master for now I think.

@kev Maybe somehow the fan settings were tweaked. Check the fan settings of your pc. And if there are modes put it to silent mode

May sound obvious, but did you clean the fans?

@kev I've seen this before where the mobo doesn't detect the right power mode. Check to see if switching to PWM or DC manually fixes the issue

@kev On the other hand, it looks like your mobo may be detecting the wrong maximum RPM the fan is capable of? The values on the right-hand side look suspiciously high...

@kev 3 pin == no speed control.

There is one for rpm reporting + 12V and GND. The speed control comes with a fourth pin.

@JosuGZ @kev You can control a 3-pin fan with DC (Voltage).
What are the spec of the Fan? Usually Noctua fans comes with adapters to lower the RPM if you can't get the motherboard to control it.

@Lembritt @JosuGZ it’s an NF-F12. Only other thing in the box was an extension cable and screws.

@kev @JosuGZ I can only find NF-F12 with 4-pin PWM?
The only 3-pin I can find is a special 5V fan and should not be used on a motherboard.
And the industrialPPC 2000 RPM fan.

@Lembritt @JosuGZ I assume it’s the 5v one then. I’ve ordered new 4 pin fans that are coming tomorrow. This s for the help, folks. I didn’t even know 3 pin vs 4 pin was a thing in the fan world.

@Lembritt @JosuGZ yup, just checked’s the 5v version. What. A. Moron! 🤦‍♂️

@kev Check the fan settings. You might be able to tweak it to silent mode

Sometimes my front fan start like that but when system loads win7 the fan start run normally no idea too hehe

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