Am I being a little harsh on here? I don't know, what am I missing here, folks?

@tomdeb this is what happens when you edit over a number of days and schedule posts to publish. 🙂

I've deleted my account, so the link is broke haha. Removed the link. Thanks mate.

@kev I don't think you were too harsh :) I enjoyed the read :)

@kev You lost me when you said "it's like Twitter, but..." since I don't see any value in Twitter. I created an account that I logged into exactly once, and they are dead to me ever since disabling the JavaScript-less interface. Probably not too harsh, but I struggle to understand what value they (the Twitter clone) offer in the first place. *shrug*

@kev I actually went through a similar experience. I'm heavily invested in my own site and its backend and have a presence on Mastodon, Hubzilla, etc.

It's a very cool idea though for someone who is looking to start though.

Do you have any thoughts on @write_as ?

@lazylinux I like in principle. We actually used to use them for the Fosstodon Hub, but there are lots of niggles with their backend that make it frustrating to use.

I think the performance needs work though. ~300kb for a text-only site is a lot. Sites hosted there do feel sluggish for what they are -

Again though, good system if you just want to get going quickly.


@kev from the first two paragraphs I thought, isn't this almost the same as mastodon or pleroma? But I decided to continue reading anyway, not too harsh imo :)

@kev something I don't think you touched on is the utter homogenity of the community.

I had sincere high hopes for it, but the reality was so underwhelming.

I think the time I was dragged for supporting a strike was the nadir of my experience there.

@kev I don't think that's too harsh at all. Seems they set out to solve a problem but didn't quite. Sometimes solving only portions of a problem is worse than leaving it alone.

@kev I went in looking for a no-frills hosting plan, and I got that. The community surprised me, and I don’t totally agree with it being too American leaning. I talk to a LOT of people there who are not US based. Also felt very welcome from day one, up to today.
A cool and relaxed place where we can chat, and host a blog. If you have that elsewhere, great. If you don’t, could be for you. You had that solved going in.

@maique absolutely. Like I said in the post, if I didn’t have something already, I’d have probably gone with it, but the disconnect between my actual blog and my microblog would have been too jarring, I feel.

@kev Sure, I got that from the post. I was actually sorry to see you go anyway 😊

@kev I've had an account on for quite some time (although it's mostly quiet). As you say, they have a welcoming community and it's where I learned more about federation and linking our blogs into it, etc. etc. Beyond that it's a little too "siloed" for me, I prefer more open-connectedness like the Fediverse. is ideal for those getting their toes wet and seeking like minded community.
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