Dear Jekyll people, I need help implementing a search function on my site. I am self hosting, using docker. I tried for hours today with lunr.js but can't figure this out. I know next to nothing about javascript, I need detailed instructions... :crazy:

@gabor I dont know how but I kinda want to know too hehe

@kev @joeligj12 in fact I have, thanks :-) I tried it, but on duck duck go nothing comes up... maybe my site is not indexed (yet...) it's quite new.


@gabor yep, looks like an indexing issue. If it's a relatively new site, it can take time.

Are you doing all the things to make it easy for the bots to index your site? Like a sitemap etc?


@kev no, no I was gonna take care of that next (sitemap, robots.txt etc.) Actually, I made this secondary site for simplicity / to focus on content :-D I guess managing it will be simple once everything is set up (and I really only want search and sitemap, maybe category pages that's it). But I have to admit, Jekyll has been a surprisingly difficult project for me so far. It had also initially taken me about a day to get going at all, because I insisted on a docker based setup

@gabor oh wow. If I spin a new Jekyll site, it takes me 10 mins to get going. If simplicity is the key for you here, adding Docker to the equation seems like adding unnecessary complication?

If you add the sitemap plugin to Jekyll, you don't need to worry about it - it's done for you during build.

@kev yeah, well. I have learnt a lot in the process! 😂

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