@danslerush shhhhh my wife doesn't know how much it all cost! 😬

If you don't mind me asking, what's the model of the keyboard you're using?

@paulopinto I've had this for a couple of years now. It's a fantastic keyboard.

@kev oooh nice! I couldn’t wait till the weekend though 😁

@Crocmagnon I normally wouldn't, but I need my PC to work from home today and tomorrow.

@kev nice! Have fun putting all of that together :D

@kev I'm left-handed, but never used a mouse with the left hand. Tought that way at school, I guess. Another sign of opression to left-handed people.

@taamas I’ve never been able to use a mouse with my right hand effectively.

@kev @taamas maybe even more notable; it's a vertical (lefty) mice! 😎👍

@kev Minesweeper doesn't stand a chance, now. 😜

Congrats, buddy. That 1650 will be a great upgrade from your old GPU.

@cooper @kev Minesweeper and tetris, two of my favourite games :) I'm a simple kind of guy I guess ;)

@kev Debugging the awful proprietary Nvidia driver?

@kev Are you a Windows user? I’m questioning the GPU there.

@greypilgrim I use Ubuntu predominantly, but I do use Windows for work. I'm an AMD fanboy, but I couldn't get a reasonably priced Radeon anywhere.

@SonoMichele couldn't get an AMD anywhere at a reasonable price.

@kev Watch Linus Tech Tips for building that rig

@kev Its a youtube channel which specialises in pc building and pc in general

@XxAlexXx no I know, but did Linus do a build with the same specs or something?

@kev No he didn't at least I don't think he did. He did so many builds so I lost count

@kev not sure if that counts but THE Linus moved to Rizen for his main dev system in May lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/ke

@tomdeb so I’m basically as cool as LT at this point?

@kev AFAIK you're nowhere near nasty enough in emails to be as "cool" as him ...

@tomdeb challenge accepted! Wait until work tomorrow! 😂

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