My sons: “Daaaaad can we get the water gun out and clean the cars?? Pleeeasee???”

Me: “No boys. It’s -5c outside. It’s too cold.”

Sons: We won’t be cold! We will be fine. PLEEEAASSEEE???!!!”

Me: “<sigh> Okay...”

So we wrap up and head outside. Guess what happens next...



We’re out there 10 minutes - just enough time to get enough dirt off the cars to have to finish the entire job otherwise they will look ridiculous- and the boys complain they’re cold.

Mum brings them in for warm drinks and so I’m stuck outside cleaning them (and freezing) on my own.

I hate my life.

I thought Part 2 of your story was gonna go: "They fired their water guns and the water froze mid-air..." 🥶

@kev They learned by experience, you're a great dad. :p

The joy of parentship. 🤭

You missed a chance to educate them to an important principle: Think plans to the end, consider the consequences and once begun bring it to the end.
In your case you should demand compensation for completing their work. It's legitimate to delegate a job, but it requires payment. It doesn't necessarily mean money.

@fredl99 oh don’t worry, we have a strong ‘natural consequence’ model in our house. There will be consequences. 😊

You're a good dad. 👍😉
They don't know yet but they will be thankful for the lessons later in life.

@kev I'm picturing the sequel to this: You needing to go to the shops tomorrow and can't open the doors because the water has seeped around the doors and frozen them shut. 😂

Pro tip for that occasion: use a thick plastic bag (or double/triple bag thinner ones as necessary) and fill with hot water from the kettle, and rub over the rim of the door to thaw it. Works on frozen locks too.

@kungtotte hahah that would be just my luck!

That’s a great tip!

@e8johan they have both had the bare minimum in terms of cleaning haha. They look...better.

@kev This... Every single time... 😭
Guess who had to finish building an igloo today after the boys had assembled just a few snow bricks. And that was after they had already destroyed the snow shovel.

@kev Definitely not just you.
BTW I also had the half-washed car several times before. 😀
Maybe next time I'll have them pay for the drive-through carwash. 🤔 😉

@kev My kids have never in their entire lives volunteered to washing pretty much anything, so there's that. I would just take the car to the automated car wash a couple miles from my house. It would finish the job and I wouldn't be out in the cold.

😂 Sorry, I feel for you, but it _is_ funny!

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