Ahhh come on AMD...why you gotta be like that!!

@kev Do you have a PC-Partpicker list? 😉

Think positive.
They give you time to unpack and inspect the other parts, assemble them with all necessary attentiveness and coffee breaks, double-check connections, position cables neatly, clean the case, tidy up the workspace and prepare for the great moment when the final part comes in.
This will be the most beautiful machine you ever built.
Don't forget to fill the fridge with enough beer to celebrate.

@kev is that a 5600x? Jealous that you have availability. I really want to build a ryzen 9 5950. Still out of stock most places and I'm not paying scalper prices.

@logrus1 no, just a 3600 but considering I’m upgrading from an 8 yo FX-6300, it’s a big upgrade.

Pretty much any Ryzen is huge uplift from my current CPU. The FX gets 4,120 on PassMark and the Ryzen nearly 18,000. 😂

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