@kev Hmm, the blogpost could be summed into “I made the competing product with Disqus, and they make so much more money than I do! They must be BAAAD!” Did I miss anything?

@mcepl I think that’s unfair. The writer mentions their product at the end of the post, which I think is fair to do. The research they have done is still valid. Whatever their motives, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Disqus is all kinds of bad.

@kev Why is it bad? Everybody using it knows (or should know) that they are paid by advertising, and everybody sane knows (or should know) that advertising over the Internet includes tracking cookies (et al.). So, why is Disqus bad? I have it on my blog, I am not excited about it, but it is by far the easiest way how to get working comments on my blog without fear of the next WordPress security vulnerability de jour. Perhaps I will move to pelican_comment_system, but it doesn't make Disqus bad.

@mzeinali @carl I don’t want comments on my blog. They’re too much hassle and add little value IMO.

@kev I feel like they’ve been shitty forever and everyone new it. This just confirms how shitty they really are.

@kev Holy shit!! Good thing Privacy Badger keeps that monster in tracker jail then. Never would have imagined it was THAT bad.

@kev given the state of the internet, is it even worth having comments on most things? maybe i'm just too pessimistic, but i haven't put a comment form on my blog because i don't want to hear from trolls (not that i get much traffic, so practically this isn't an issue).

comments on public forums (youtube, instagram, etc.) seem less useful in practice than they did a decade or more ago.


@tjb agreed. I don’t have comments on my site (and haven’t for a couple of years now) for pretty much the same reason.

@kev Thanks. Gone off my blog eludom.github.io/

At the moment, no comments are better than panopticon-inducing comments.

Have a TODO to add Hyvor Talk or similar.

@kev From their blurb

"Not free. By design.
Services like Disqus and Facebook comments aren't really free — you pay by giving up your privacy and personal data."

++ !

@eludom @kev highly recommend github.com/utterance/utterance ... comments built on github issues .... you can see it in action on my blog: softinio.com

@kev I recently started blogging.

As soon as I discovered this, I switched to utterances.

It uses GitHub issues for storing comments!


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