How does one share their matrix handle?

For example, if I wanted to add matrix to my contact page, what on earth do I add? Is it just my username?

@jack @kev This. Personally, I would not use a central service just for sharing my handle

@jack @kev PS: Think of all the metadata these services like "" can collect. How often does somebody want to interact with the ID holder? Where are they from? Etc.

@lx @kev tbh, i had never heard of that service before, but I agree that it looks sus af. definitely don't see a reason to give them any free advertising, they're a mild convenience at best.

@jack @kev I agree. I mean the Matrix handle is not any less convenient than an email address and that's fine since decades 😁

@jack @lx @kev is run by the Element team afaiu. Not sure if that makes you less or more suspicious of it.

@josias @jack @kev For me that makes no difference. I don't really want to give out unnecessary metadata. 🤔

@kev what's wrong with me that the first image that came to mind was Trinity, looking stressed and with a headset on?... 🙈

@kev nope, @username@instance
For example, mine is @thai

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