Unfortunately I lost one of my favourite fish in my cichlid tank last night. My beautiful electric blue acara (pic attached).

She was old and had what I hope is a happy life. My son just asked me “Dad...did the acara die of fish Corona?”

Cheered me up. 😊

I'm sorry to see that. She was a beauty. It's always sad to lose an animal regardless of the species.
Did she have a partner?

@fredl99 she did, but we lost him around 6 months ago. I’d had them 8 years, so that’s a pretty good innings. So sad though, they were beautiful fish.

My fishtank times are long behind and I never had cichlids. But I think to remember they live in permanent partnership and usually don't live very much longer than their partner. If so then her passing was more or less a natural cause. I'm sure she had a good life.

@kev what a beautiful fish. I’m sure she has a good life under your care. I’ve recently started a reef tank and hope in 8 years I still have some of the original stock.

@travisshears a good friend of mine from work, @tomdeb is looking at starting a reef tank very soon.

I had a small marine tank for a while, but it wasn’t for me. South American cichlids is where my real passion is.

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