Which menu is best?

My thoughts are that #1 looks nicer, but #2 doesn't require visitors to scroll to see the entire menu, so better UX.

Wuddya you think, fediverse?


Which menu is best? (see previous toot)

@kev Going for #2 because of the mentioned scrollbar on #1. Also agreeing with removing the home link, if I didn't know better I'd probably be clicking your head to get back to the beginning

@espen you should hover on my head and see what happens. 🙂

@kev I think we should stay focused on end-user experience and he do not care about nice icons. Usability
On my opinion ;-)

@dco agreed. That’s why I ultimately made the change.

@kev I'm not sure you need to have so many links in the menu. Just an opinion. I find it a little distracting.

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