Which menu is best?

My thoughts are that #1 looks nicer, but #2 doesn't require visitors to scroll to see the entire menu, so better UX.

Wuddya you think, fediverse?

Which menu is best? (see previous toot)

So everyone clearly hates the horizontal scroll on my menu...why didn't any of you guys tell me??? 🙂

@kev Going for #2 because of the mentioned scrollbar on #1. Also agreeing with removing the home link, if I didn't know better I'd probably be clicking your head to get back to the beginning

@espen you should hover on my head and see what happens. 🙂

@kev I think we should stay focused on end-user experience and he do not care about nice icons. Usability
On my opinion ;-)

@dco agreed. That’s why I ultimately made the change.

@kev I'm not sure you need to have so many links in the menu. Just an opinion. I find it a little distracting.

@kev I'm not a fan of the scroll. But if you let it wrap, maybe 1

@piggo I thought about letting it wrap, but that then take a lot of above the fold space on mobile devices.

@piggo hmmm (thinking aloud here) maybe a media query that gets rid of the "button" layout on smaller screens...

@kev @piggo And has a max-height for the buttons, with vertical scroll?

@kev reducing the gaps is one idea yeah
what you can also possibly do is have a "show more" thing. But I quite like the icons, wouldn't get rid of these
@piggo @kev more things should have hamburger buttons. my fridge should have one.

@thor @kev @piggo More things should have menu bars: hamburger menus are very disorganized and hard to find things in.
And my fridge should just keep the knob for adjusting the thermostat and lever for turning the ice machine on and off.

@swiley @kev @piggo but i just want a button that gives me a hamburger to eat...

@piggo I hate hamburger menus. They're bad for accessibility too.

@kev 'Definitely #2, and you've already stated part of the why.

@kev number 2 looks better to me 🤔

It looks cleaner and neater. Number 1 looks a bit more flashy, but I really like the simplicity and utility offered by no. 2 :)

@kev #1 doesn't even look nice. Too much visual noise. Horizontal scrollbar should be made illegal.

@nilesh hahaha! Don't mince your words, Nilesh - say what you really think! 😂

(joking aside I appreciate the candour)

@kev @nilesh I would not have said it that way, but yeah, what he said ;)

@kev I'm no designer, I can only see how things look better when they are side by side :p I find the second one to look a lot cleaner and nicer :)

@kev I don't think I ever went there lol
Now clicking the "more stuff this way" button and it's not a button and doesn't do anything 😅

@piggo yes but it pulses on page load! 😂

I've just pushed the update and the build just completed. It's MUCH better on mobile.

@kev Because no one wanted to hurt your feelings. :) I think the look is pretty and it fits your theme, it's just the scrolling that's.. horrible.

@kev I'm surprised you even asked. I'm lazy. If I have to manipulate a horizontal scroll bar to read your precious content, well no, I'm simply not going to bother.

@andyc > I'm surprised you even asked

Not sure I agree - different people have different tastes. I personally don't mind horizontal scrolling. So I'm glad I asked now.

@kev You could move logo left, put search on right same line, rest of menu underneath, which would give more space to make it look nicer.

I don't like the scrollbars in the middle. Also "more this way >" is standing out in a way that triggers me. I like the buttons and icons in #1 buy #2 gets my vote.

@kev Two. I'm not sure how user friendly the first is for keyboard users.

@hund @kev Two. Icons from One looks better but the scrollbar uglifies it a lot and personally since I navigate with keyboard probably would not even bother to check what is at the right side.

@kev Horizontal scrolling is a no go for me also.

@kev 1.5: keep the icons but wrap into multiple lines if necessary. It'll look great with horizontal centering (which it appears you already have).

@kev Form follows function any day of the week for me 😅

@kev I actually prefer the first one visually, but the scrollbar pisses me off a lot and I don't know why.

@kev the second one is cleaner. I don't like this scrolling bar at the top of the first one.

@kev definitely number 2, you should avoid horizontal scrolling. I'd also consider removing the underline for a more modern appearance

@kev Definitely I'd go with something that doesn't have scrollbar. Maybe #2 is better.

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