Hmmmm do I add a “hall of shame” for those who didn’t finish? (like myself)

@freddy @rw yes I do! I also recognise that Wordpress them! 😉

@kev @freddy thank you very much! Always nice to make a hall of fame. 🙂

Thank you Freddy for still remembering my humble contribution.

And thank you Kev, for initiating the challenge and for your great articles; without which my site (and especially the sites theme) would not be what it is.

@kev There is no “didn't finish”. There is only “has not yet finished”.

@kev no. Even those who didn’t finish in time probably had lots of fun and everyone could learn something from the things they shared 😀

@zerok I can’t believe you and @mike are doing it again!

@kev @mike let’s see if we can finish it again 😂

@kev I'd call it the Hall of Encouragement.

@kev I think this is a good idea however let's turn this into more of a positive. A take away to learn from it. Provide helpful, tips, common issues, etc. Also consider to call it something else then "shame". I'm sure you can automate this to determine post count per blogger.

@adamsdesk I was being flippant. I would never call people out in such a way.

@kev I didn't take it as you meant any harm just was suggesting.

@kev love this! I def want to give it a go. Similar but not quite the same is the /now by Derek Sivers. Check it out if you want.

@xiu Maybe @kev wants me to finish the second round I just started 😜

And thanks for the challenge and all the great people met there !

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