Finally got around to setting up a @keyoxide profile. Not sure I'll use it that often, but there's occasionally people who like to email me encrypted messaged.

@kev looking good. I also like that you redirect a subdomain to that profile page, clever trick!

@keyoxide more for my own benefit so I don't have to remember the fingerprint haha.

Hey @keyoxide at first glance, it looks similar to keybase. (which is something I signed up for then forgot about) Is Keyoxide at all related?

@Metruzanca keybase model is centralised while @keyoxide use proofs stored in you own gpg key

@benoitj @keyoxide ahh, that makes sense. In that case keyoxide sounds like the much better option.

@kev @keyoxide pardon me for being ignorant of keyoxide, but it looks to me someone would type their message into their web form and then it gets sent to you encrypted?

@fedops you type it into their web form and it encrypts the message with my public key so you can paste that into an email and send it.


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