Seems we’ve had a bit of an influx of new members. Welcome everyone! @mike and I are your friendly neighbourhood admins and @cooper is our community manager.

We also have a number of very hardworking and amazing mods knocking about, who all work to keep this place as great as it is.

@kev @mike @cooper Hi there! Is there a FAQ page somehwere? I'm wondering how following someone in another instance works. Do the two instances have to be federated?

@wswartzendruber we have a bot that should have messaged you with some useful links, did that not happen?

This post may help you get started -

@mike @cooper

@kev Recently DistroTube shouted out Mastodon, that's how I personally got here. Looking forward to spending some time here!

@kev @mike @cooper thank you for all of your hard work all of our favourite old couple, I can't stop thinking of you guys as really friendly bearded bar owners now, but I kind of like it :)

@sotolf @mike @cooper “friendly bearded bar owners” I like it! Although, I don’t really have beard, I just don’t shave very often. :)

@kev @sotolf @mike ...I think there's something there. 😜 I like it!

Thanks for the kind words, @sotolf ! 😀

@kev Well, get to it! You've got an image to live up to now.

@sotolf @cooper

@mike @sotolf @cooper 😂😂😂 my wife hates me with a beard it’s hard enough getting her to come near me as it is!

@kev @mike @sotolf @cooper I keep mentioning how I want to get rid of mine and my wife makes that look like "Are you mad? You *want* to go back to looking like a boiled potato?"

@kev Ahh, my wife has made it clear that I'm not allowed to get rid of mine. Not sure what that says about my face, but it definitely streamlines my morning routines, so I'm good with it.

@sotolf @cooper

@mike @kev @sotolf @cooper My wife said the same thing, but I managed to bring her around when my beard turned gray but my hair stayed brown. That was when it was time for it to go.

@mattrose Hasn't worked for me so far, but to be honest I haven't been pushing too hard. I like the beard.

@kev @sotolf @cooper

@mike @kev @sotolf @cooper I'm not a big fan of shaving but I enjoy the state of being shaved. Choices, choices.

@mike @kev @sotolf @cooper My wife talked me into shaving my beard once to scare our sons.

The toddlers couldn't have cared less, and everyone else hated it so I'm never allowed to do it again.


Thanks a lot. With what's happening with Twitter and Parler, thought I might as well give Mastodon a go and happy to see something that is focused on one of my interests.

@kev @mike @cooper Unfortunately, some of those new seem like spammers and similar.
Kudos to the moderators who keep those away:)

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