So I sat down to start writing the "how to create a site using Jekyll and Simple.css" post tonight.

I'm currently 5,000 words in and I've only done the part about building the site. I still need to cover hosting etc.

I think this is easily going to be the longest post I've ever written on my blog.

Though about splitting it up, but felt one complete (and verbose) how to guide is better.

@kev splitting it up might make sense, if there are logical parts to it. 5k words is... much.

Also, I demand a link once it's up! :blobaww:

@rysiek yeah, it can be split up relatively easily, but I didn’t want to leave people hanging half way through building the site. I’ll probably split it up, but release it all in one go.

@kev sounds like the right thing to do to me! if I were reading it and using it as a howto, I'd prefer to have it split in a few steps, instead of endlessly scrolling.

@kev Not to be the one that posts the obvious, but since it's your site, you CAN do both installments, and a complete guide.

@mike at this rate it’s gonna be a bloody eBook!

@kev I have a very stupid thing I could never figure out with Jekyll. Waiting for your tutorial!

@thumb hoping to get it out tomorrow if I can get away from the kids long enough!

@kev waiting for this, I need to chuck wordpress in the trash.

@kev Maybe you will replace the current 10 steps jekyll tutorial on their website with this :D

@sheogorath I doubt it haha. Their tutorial is excellent.

@kev personally I'm a fan of one verbose article as opposed to multi part blog posts!

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