@tscho I blast messaged all my friends telling them I'm deleting WA and to join Signal. None of them will, but I'm not going to continue using that service just because of FOMO.

@AAMfP @kev @Jami @tscho it’s just not convenient enough yet :/ see: group messaging; I know it’s coming but not yet...

@kev 🎉 Bravo Bravo👏 Congrads on releasing yourself from the corporate titans 😎 👍

@kev Good for you! I’m deleting mine by the end of the month. I got a message to agree to the terms. Nope. That’s not happening.

@kev I’m glad I read the articles before getting this message because I would have press agree, not knowing that I was agreeing to.

@kev I mean, yeah, but no. You make it personal as if Zuckerberg would want to read your data. That's easy to argue away, resulting in a "Nothing to hide"-like argument.

I guess it would be more useful to point out that they once had a " working" business model where people bought a subscription once a year and that's it.

It was that simple. It worked and made it trustworthy (to some degree). Forcing the as model however, doesn't make you happy.

@sheogorath @kev It's not like anybody would actually read "why you left" comments and take that into consideration though.

@PeterCxy @sheogorath yeah, it was just a facetious comment pretty much knowing it won't get read.

@kev @PeterCxy I mean, I can see the incentive there, but isn't that a self-fulfilling Prophecy? When you write garbage into a feedback channel, that you don't expect to be read you reduce the quality of that feedback channel to the degree where it's no more worth reading.

@sheogorath @kev when I delete account from a service, I don't see why I would want that service to improve or anything, and whether that comment gets read no longer means anything to me. In addition, one would need to be sufficiently pissed to choose to delete account from a popular service -- and often it's because of that service not listening to any feedback in the first place. It's quite self-centered, but that's just how things are.

@kev Sigh, I'm torn because WhatsApp is the app almost everyone has to communicate especially outside the US and I have several important groups on it. I've just been closing the new terms but I'm gonna have to accept it at some point. Maybe then I'll have to ask people to switch to signal.

@sodality the problem is, if everyone stays on these platforms because "everyone else is on them" we will never make progress.

If people really want to get in touch with you, they still have your mobile number.

@kev @sodality This argument is fine for 1-on-1 conversations. I might be able to persuade some people to contact me through other ways. The main problem (in my case) are the group chats. E.g. if I leave the WhatsApp groups for the football teams of my children I will simply not receive training/match information. Nobody else in that group will care that one person left.
Or at least that's my fear...

@mogwai good job in outsourcing communications of that football team. Mebbe a good time to reconsider this.

@kev @sodality Yeah and if you want to keep WhatsApp installed for the moment you can (and should in my opinion) download Signal, so if some of your contacts download it they can see that you’ve got it. That could help because when I downloaded it, it was a bit sad when I saw 0 contacts. I’m going to delete my WhatsApp account by 8 February.

@kev @sodality having been researching it seems the only real alternative is matrix, all the other ones have the same if not worse flaws than what what's app has, at least within the eu.

@sotolf @kev @sodality
If You can read German I highly recommend You to read this:
Very reliable information from my point of view. This is also true for the other mentioned messengers.

@kev @sodality
Yea. Guess Signal is a good easy way for the beginning. Better would be some federated system for short messages (e.g. XMPP).

An analogy for a digital Letter would be SMTP wich commonly is known as E-Mail.

@sodality @kev There is always Facebook Messenger for the rest, right? Err, ...

I like the dead phone picture. They see themselves as the core component of the phone. As if their absence would render the phone useless 😂

@kev yes, tell 'em. Deleted mine two months ago along with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

@sarvasana never had Instagram. Deleted Facebook a few years ago now.

@kev A good decision. I have never used WhatsApp. Instead, I use , and . So far, everyone who wants to be in contact with me has installed one of these messengers.

@pantos weren’t there some issues with Wire a while ago?

@kev I don't remember any major dropouts. However, I only use Wire for a few contacts. Maybe that's why I didn't notice anything. My main messenger is Threema...

@pantos not so much an outage, I seem to remember it coming out that there was a problem with their privacy or security and ultimately ended up being not all they were cracked up to be.

@kev You are right. I didn't notice it at all. It seems that there are uncertainties about the development of the company.
Good to know. Looks like I'll be using only two messengers now :blobthinkingeyes:

@kev A dream to me...it's sad that all my coworkers is the only platform that use...

@agustinh same with me - lots of friends and family that use it, but I refuse to be beholden to FB just because others use it.

They have my number if they want to talk to me, or they can install Signal. 🙂

@kev Signal is a safe alternative? Or there are better options with the Molly fork of Signal

@agustinh IMO opinion, Signal is a safe alternative. They don't know anything about their users. Doesn't get more safe than that.

@kev @agustinh There is Session also. Uses the Signal protocol and messages are sent thru a decentralized onion routing network, similar to TOR. No email or phone number required on setup. Last I checked they was being audited, not sure if the results of that are available or not tho.

You're late. Did that one year ago (exactly 2019-01-01, very early morning!). Never had Facebook itself as well.
Still living happily. 👍🏻

@FrancescoDiSales I’ve used signal for a couple years now, but I have also added Telegram to my phone too now.

@mjkpolo @FrancescoDiSales much prefer signal. I find Signal to be more of a messaging app, but Telegram more of a community/group chat app. I also like Signals disappearing messages.


I prefer signal because:

1) it's open source
2) it's well documented about how it's cryptography algorithms works


@kev fuck yeah, if enough people quit these platforms they’ll start making changes

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