Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Simple.css - a new classless CSS framework built by yours truly.

@kev Now combine this with Vanilla.js and you have a complete frontend stack 😄

@kev This is great, I was picking up a lighter theme for my site, so I may use this.

@kev don’t forget to add it to troxler’s list of awesome CSS frameworks on GitHub

@kev That looks hella cool. I'll need to think up a new project to use it on and experiment with. Very nice typography too.

@david I often get told I'm classy AF, so that makes sense! 😂

@kev Oooh noice! I currently use newcss on but I’ll give Simple.css a try 👌🏻

@Crocmagnon New CSS is a solid choice. It's a great framework.

@kev Yup! I really like the look & feel :) I just customized it slightly. I'm not very satisfied with the stock headings though, so I'll see how it looks like with your version 😉

@kev This is really great and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

@kev Looking great! I am currently working on a similar project since I tend to start at zero with every new project

Good one haha

@hejowhat hahaha I wasn't sure whether to keep that in or not, as I was concerned people may get offended (you know what some people can be like).

Decided it was worth keeping though. Glad you took it how it was intended. 🙂

@kev For sure! The intention matters tho.

Wish you a great Sunday!

@kev nice work Kev. Such a sane set of defaults. The input fields on Safari mobile don’t go full width, is that a bug or a feature? ☺️

@drh there’s still lots of work to do. This is just 1.0.

@kev you’re all good. I’m genuinely impressed. I read an article a couple days ago about “my stack will outlive yours” and your work ties in with that. Keep up the radness 🙂

@kev Nice project ! I think I’ll give it a try for small website 🙂

@kev Not a fan of that button-link hack. If it's so important to be classless, use an attribute on the link instead, like data-button="true". In my opinion that's better than to use invalid HTML.

@mike yeah, but adding the attribute is just the same as adding a class pretty much. I’m not happy about it either (hence the note on it being invalid). I’m thinking about just removing it and maybe adding a note saying if it’s needed, a class is probably best.

After all this is designed to be a basis to start from. I’m not against classes, I use them all the time, it’s just about getting up and running with nothing special.

@kev i wrote a related project. I'm frustrated by it for the same reasons you have with New CSS.

i used a lot of complex variables to demonstrate how powerful they are in CSS, but... everyone just wants CSS they understand and not clever CSS.

I'm thinking about doing a pass at a simplified v3 at some point, and I'd love any feedback, since you might still be fresh in this headspace:

The only thing I'm beholden to is the normalized form syntax.

@tychi I REALLY like what you’ve done there, nice work!

I’m on my phone at the moment, but with fork the repo and have a proper look when I get time.

@kev Nice. I came across another classless CSS library ("awsm") a few months back and found it refreshing:

@kev Thanks for sharing this - I've starred it on GitHub! Will plug it into a microframework in my next web project.

@kev Looks good! I'm used to using Bootstrap and my projets are usually pretty simple so I don't really worry about performance. In what contexts would you want/need to use such a tiny library?

@paulchoix In whatever context you like. The site itself goes into more detail about my justification for building it.

@kev I might give this a try. I was thinking of making a little site and this looks like the way to go. Thanks for sharing.

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