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I have never seen all the Star Wars films (I’ve seen some of them, can’t remember which). I recently signed up for Disney+ and plan on watching them all.

Which order should I watch them in?

@kev don't watch the Disney trilogy. It's not Star Wars. Rogue one and Solo are OK though. The Mandalorian (a series) is great. The animated series are both great.

Don't watch the Disney Trilogy.

@Matter @kev Go ahead and watch them all for completeness sake but don't expect them to live up to the original trilogy.

@kelbot @Matter @kev

It doesn't matter. BUT us old farts saw them as they came out and recall them that way.

@kev Just watch the first three originals, and then Rogue One. The remainder are poor, and I wish I hadn't fallen for the hype.

@kev just watch the original trilogy, the other two really aren't worth the time.

And the Machete Order came before the First Order!

Oh well. You'll have to watch all films to understand that reference. 😜

@normandc @kev Machete Order is the correct answer here: yeah the prequels and sequels aren't _great_ but they slot in much nicer in this order!

@rridley @kev
The prequel trilogy was pretty bad, but I quite liked the sequel trilogy.

But I'm such a SW fan I watched them all a few times. The very first film I saw in a movie theater as a child was A New Hope. I was hooked for life.

@kev For the originals, try project 4K77 ( ), a restoration of the original technicolor prints

@kev Definitely start with the original trilogy. There's a good story in the prequel trilogy but those movies have some infamously clunky dialog and performances that I think would make them harder to appreciate if you're not already invested. The Clone Wars animated series takes place between II and III and does a lot to improve on the prequel story too, if you want to spend that kind of time.

I think Rogue One is excellent and Solo is fun.

@kev The first three (4,5,6) are very good; The second three (1,2,3)are deadly dull and; The third three (7,8,9) make no sense and manage to be both spectacular and boring at the same time.

If I were given a choice of watching all of them (in any order I chose) or watching none of them ever again, I'd choose none.

@kev I have to agree with many others on here that says to watch in release order. I only ever watched the first of the Disney trilogy and stopped after that, but I have heard it isn't great. But, assuming you are watching all 9 main-line sw movies. The proper order is 456-123-789. There is really not a lot that 123 adds that improves the experience of 456. Whatever you do, enjoy it! And don't let mob opinion stop you from enjoying whichever ones you like. :)

@wesley @kev Right. And there are spin-offs that worth watching as well. As for me, Rogue One is one of the best SW movies overall.

@kev I would watch everything except episodes 1-3.

@kev skip the Disney sequel trilogy, hopefully they decannonize them. Prequels, original trilogy, rogue one, The Mandalorian and both animated series. Solo I suppose is worth a watch. If you want chronological order:
The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
The Clone Wars
Revenge of the Sith
Rogue One
A New Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
The Mandalorian
I'm 98% that would be the correct order if you go by the timeline of events.


Whatever you do, put the icing on the cake by watching Spaceballs at the end.

@kev I voted for release date order but here's what I really think. I would watch Episodes 4-6 first, which matches release date order. Then, I'd watch the rest of the movies in chronological order.

I have 4-6 first only because they are older. They'll look even worse if you watch the newer ones first. Also, you get a nice intro into the original concept by George Lucas first before getting into all of the expanded stuff.

@kev release order 4, 5, then flashback to 1, 2, 3, finally back to 6

@kev rouge one, 4, 5, 6, the mandalorian

Then 1 2 and 3 for the memes


Start with 4 "A New Hope", then 5 "Empire Strikes Back", then return to 2 "Attack of the Clones" 3 "Revenge of the Sith", then continue on with 6 "Return of the Jedi", then everything else in release order. 1 "Phantom Menace" is largely considered superfluous for the story. You *can* watch it before 2 "Attack fo the Clones", but it's really not necessary, unless you're a completionist.

@kev people love to hate on the sequel trilogy but I think they're fine, don't let the hate spoil them for you.

Also, even though I voted for release order, it would be hella cool to watch Rogue One right before Episode IV, so I definitely recommend that.

Also don't forget Blue Harvest and Spaceballs!

@kev Either (1-3, rogue one, 4-6, mandalorian) or (release order, rogue one, mandalorian) are fine.

Honestly, the sequel was such a let down I don't even consider it worth watching. You can if you want, but be prepared for extreme disappointment if you care abut the universe and the characters.
@kev Watch the original 3, then skip right to Rouge 1 then stop and fight anyone who tries to tell you there are any more movies than those 4.

@kev there’s something called the Machete Order. It’s basically 4,5,1,3,3,6 and then all the rest. All Star Wars is good stars wars because we have more Star Wars.

If you want the whole experience I definitely recommend the machete order. Hopefully you have watched the ones you've seen long enough ago that they can be new again. Machete order:
New Hope
Empire strikes back
Episode 2
Episode 3
Return of the jedi

Machete order was conceived before the recent trilogy so they would be added to the end in release order. You would need to decide when to watch the origin story of Anakin if desired... I would suggest watching Episode 1 before the new trilogy though.

@kev if you're into scify then I recommend The Expanse. It is so underappreciated for some reasons that I can't understand.

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