@kev Hard agree when it comes to anything tech-related, things change over months/years and dating the article helps to know how recently things worked with a decent gist of versioning.

However, for think-pieces, creative writing, etc I don't think it's necessary to know when it was done.

Personally I've put no dates on my poems (shameless plug of poetry.stuts.uk) as I know when I wrote them but I don't think it adds anything for the reader to know when they were written.

@stuts @randynose @kev yes yes yes, dates add context so later readers can know whether the work might be alluding to, responding to, or caused by something (sociopolitical, personal, whatever). Eg, dates would be really relevant for poetic uses of health imagery this year over last year. Also for purely authorial reasons -- I don't want someone listening to something I made ten years ago and thinking I came up with it yesterday, though I might be okay with them knowing I made it ten years ago.

@kev Although I personally add dates to everything, I never considered it necessary. I guess it gives some sort of time context? Although I don't see how much that gives

@kambing it’s especially useful for technical pieces. Say I’m reading a post on how to install package x. If that post is 5 years old, it’s absolutely useless.

@kev @kambing I was just about to say the same thing. Finding a technical post that looks perfect but turns out to be 5 years out off date is a real pain in the backside.

@pugmiester @kev ok that makes sense! I was thinking about non-technical stuff. But making sure things aren't outdated is a necessary thing, I understand. Thanks for explaining!

@kev and use the best date format, ISO 8601, like this 2020-12-08 😁

/me quickly checks to make sure I have the date on my blog posts. **whew** 😂

@kev I'm in the process of moving from Micro.blog and WordPress to write.as and was pleased to see the date is automatically added.

@kev Along with the date I try to put the versions of the library and packages used in the post.

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