Changed the background on my site.

...too much? 馃槀

@kev LOL..
I'll leave that one up for debate.

Time for me to go chat with the Mrs. LOL....

@randynose I'm absolutely certain that my wife would agree with you, Randy! 馃槂

@kev Make them seem to have pupils but you zoom in and it鈥檚 another Kev

@kev it looks quite nice, but i think you should downscale the background. I think smaller heads would look better (they would not take away the focus from the actual page).

@kev @benzim Why not have them dynamically grow, shrink, spin and wink at the user?

@kev no! Not at all. That just sets the theme 馃檪

@kev If you don't keep it like this, I'm not sure we can remain friends. 馃槀

Absolutely dig it.

@kev animate it and have them spinning around slowly

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