Could someone on Android do me a favour please? Can you visit and see what the page renders like.

I have iOS and the page seems to load in desktop mode initially (see img #1), but I refresh and the it loads the mobile version (see img #2). I want to understand if it’s a problem with my site, or Apple’s shitty rendering engine.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks everyone. Must be something wonky with my cache or something. I didn’t think it would be the code, as it’s just a simple @media query doing the responsiveness.

@kev It's rendering straight into the mobile one for me.

@kev works well on android, nice rounded corners as well!

Did you happen to change screen brightness between Bromite and Fennec tests or does Fennec render everything with higher contrast than Bromite ?
@linmob @kev

@murtezayesil @kev These screenshots, don’t know how screen brightness would affect them – that aside, I did not change a thing.

I just woke up and just realized that screen brightness wouldn't affect the screenshot 😅

I like the higher contrast of Fennec's engine compared to Bromite. I will also compare it to Firefox and if there is some difference in rendering, I may move from FF to Fe.
This will decide which browser will be the only browser on my phone after I flash it.

White background.
If I knew how to do a screen capture I would.

@zudn the colours adapt depending on your system theme. Sorry, should have mentioned that haha.

@kev yeah. Looks fine for me on iOS. I had a quick bit of Flout, but it all looks good to me.

@nathand so weird. I wonder if it’s cache or so,etching on my device. Thanks Nathan.

@kev Might be a breakpoint setting (I see you're on iPad, which has different resolution)? Also, check to see if you've got "request desktop site" on.

@nathand I checked the desktop site thing. Plus, if it was that, it would persist a reload. Yeah, come to think of it, it’s fine on my iPhone...

@kev This is what it looks like using Brave on an Android tablet. Refreshing doesn't change it.

I'm in bed with pneumonia bored with nothing better to do, so if you want me to trysomething else ….

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