I would like to introduce you fine people to The 512KB Club.

@kev 40k (ish)

Hand written HTML/JS/CSS/SVG

@bhart if they add little to the content, don’t bother. I have plenty of posts that are text only. 😊

@kev nice!
I knew about 1MB club but not about 512kb. How about 256KB club then😅

@kev I wonder what is actually counted there. The index page? An article page? An average over all pages? What screen format?

Because for the index page, I'm all there, but when I go to article pages, which have an additional header image, no more.

For the same article it also varies from whether one opens it on mobile or not. On mobile it's less than 512kb on a desktop screen size, likely not.

Sorry for being so dynamic when it comes to images :X

@kev I find it funny all this harking back to the good old days by promoting sites that would still be heavy-weights on a dial-up connection. Kids these days just don't know real bandwidth contstraints

@kev Submitted my #writefreely powered blog @gytis as there is no chance to squeeze in WordPress sites 😄

@gytis @gytis my site is WordPress and that's on there. 🙂

@gytis there’s definitely still more I can do. But I’m pretty happy with it. 😊

@kev I got it down to 16.8 KB with a few simple tweaks. I need to investigate this further when I have some time. :D

@hund I'm now looking at my relatively "huge" ~400KB WordPress site and thinking about what to do...

Mind you, having a WP site in the 512 club is pretty darn good, I think.

@kev 538KB in JS alone. Thanks Hugo theme...

I'm even over the 1MB club :/

@kev Yup, just plain html on everypage. Plaintext site here I come. (Well, this weekend in my spare time)

Probably pre-caching the whole website at 237.7 KB (721 KB Uncompressed) 😅

@epical sorry, it's uncompressed size that I count. 🙂

@kev looks like I'm in ! Thanks for having added me (:


Is it just the home page which matters?

Mine shows up at 430 KB uncompressed, but the overall site is full of my clipart, etc. and cannot hope to be a small "site".

@Algot just the homepage, otherwise it would be too convoluted to manage.

I realise that opens things up to abuse, but hey, such is life.


The thing is, I very much approve of the KISS rule of the web (adding that most page content should be locally stored).

Maybe your site could contain sites like mine with the warning that what is small, quick to render, is merely the launch page.

It has always been my big complaint that sites have figured out that there is no guarantee of click through, so EVERYTHING has to be attached to the home page.

If I want more, I expect to click to get there. Not everyone does.


Thank you.

I've submitted the pull request, but will certainly leave it up to you to determine if the rest of the site is too image heavy to really fit into the parameters of your site

@kev very cool idea! Just checked my site and I'm at ~640KB... Time to see what can be trimmed 👀

@kev I made my mom's dog training site and I come in just a little over. 599kb! Blast. A bunch of images.

I may just see what I can do to get it under.

@souldessin Looks nice, but a bit too far away for training my dog I guess ;-)

@thewk Thanks. Nothing like a little shameless promotion, lol.

@sbanwart Don’t stress about it. I’m at 8 meg 🙈🤫 @kev
@kev @sbanwart It’s because I have ten posts on the front page with the full content of each post. I have some optimising to do 😬😁

@kev I've been really fascinated by gopher lately, the technology is so good, it's just hard to find content I'm really interested in.

I've tried my company site... Ok, just joking. It's like I've never tried. Don't ask, don't tell...

@kev time to switch my Hugo theme, I'm now clocking > 700 KB 😅

@kev I removed Prism (syntax highlighting in JS) and the uncompressed weight of went down by 307.1 KB. That one file was heavier than any of the other elements on my site combined.


I want to make a submission but my last post has a Peertube embed which pulls down a thumbnail and many JS files weighing close to 800KB collectively (~250KB uncompressed).

But when we take the previous post, The Glider, in consideration, it only weighs 73.4KB uncompressed.

Making a new post with no embeded video feels like cheating 😅️
Else I can beat your site easily by not showing the content of the most recent post on index page 😁️

Nice initiative.

For the lol, I tested with my old website I created back in 2000 (actual version is from 2006), sure, it didn't use a CDN, isn't mobile compliant, is a little old style and it structure could be better, but at least, it's only 123kB (with 94kB for images.)

@kev good luck with that, but it's sick to keep shrinking

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