I treated myself to a new up/down desk. Jeez that was a headache to build. Especially cable management. Very happy though.

If anyone is interested it’s the Jarvis desk from Fully.

@kev you're desk is too clean. actually, i'm just jealous! ;-)

@tjb ha! You can’t see the rest of the room!! If will be festooned with shit again soon enough.

@kev sweet. Looks like you can move your monitors up and down as needed? Always found I needed them a bit higher when in the standing position. Bought one almost ten years ago and hauled it around from shop to shop. Saved my career.

@flay yeah, I got a dual arm for them so I can do just that. I’m tall (6’ 3”) so generally need monitors higher than their default stand permits anyway.

@alangmarz @kev

I'm jealous. There's no way I can keep my desk that neat. 🙃

I can't even use my desk anymore... Thanks to the monster 🦎 that lives behind it. 😖

@kev that looks sharp. I have a standing desk from autonomous. I enjoy having the option to stand a bit throughout the day while working from home.

Don't forget at least three times a day to tell the chair people that sitting is the biggest killer in america.

@kev Damn! Your setup is too sexy! Nice frames by the way

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