@kev Not sure I’m a fan, Kev. What if the user doesn’t have a GitHub account? The best approach I’ve found is to setup a mailing list—a public inbox basically, for comments/discussion on posts. I’m using SourceHut’s lists.

@x @kev I don't like this either, but luckily Kev's website changes so often I'm not too concerned that this is here to stay 😉

@x if they don’t have a GitHub account, they can sign the guestbook or use the contact page.

@kev I would rather comment to the toot here than open yet another tab, sign in, comment and watch my inbox being filled with notifications.

@thumb that’s fine, comment here then, it’s just another options.

Notifications can be easily turned off...

@kev have a look at utteranc.es/. It's a comments widget built on Github issues that also shows the comments & creates the issues for you

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