Hmmm I made some changes to my website so it uses an SVG on the background. However, when I view my site on the iPad, no SVG appears. Instead I just get a plain black background.

Any of you web dev peeps ever come across this?

Been doing some searching and it appears to be some kind of bug in iOS, but there doesn't appear to be an obvious way of fixing it.

@kev Works good for me... have you tried scrolling down a bit? Looks like you just need to tweak the background-size a bit.

@mike goddam it! I can't believe I didn't scroll down! 😂

@kev Try changing the

background-size: cover ;


background-size:auto ;


@JoshuaFolly auto made it wonky. Managed to make it better with background-postion:top;

I like it now - it's almost like a progress bar on the bg as you scroll 🙂

@kev You can target iOS specifically and load a .jpg on that platform instead. CSS / JS has a way to detect specifically iOS

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