You know what I hate about not being a developer?...

Having a good idea, but no knowledge of how to implement it. 😞

@scary HTML CSS and basic PHP I’m ok with. This is a little more than that. I’ll work something out though. 😊


Mysterious as it sounds, it must be something revolutionary. 😉

@scary @kev you will go to hell for recommending w3schools instead of mdn

@piggo @kev I didn't even know it had a web development section😅

@scary @kev whatconversely i did not know they had anything beside the poor css tutorials you sometimes find on google

@kev go full Zuck, get someone else to make it, then ride off into the sunset.

@kev contract or partner with someone to write out that vision. Knowing how to code is great, but it doesn't give way to imagination or more so to the ability to create what you want with time available.

Personally speaking, I know enough to build my own OS from scratch and have. But getting time to focus on one project that really irks me is the harder part.

So definitely go and seek some help. It'll definitely help progress things forward.

@kev want to know the secret about being a developer? I still get that feeling a lot of the time 😹

@kev Don't worry; it's not just non-developers. As an aspiring developer, my career can be summed up with one Boolean expression:

(It's a good idea) XOR (I know how to implement it)

@kev what's the idea. I can code but have no good ideas.

@thenome it’s not _that_ good of an idea for most other people. Just something I wanted to implement on my site. I’ve kinda figured out a way of doing it...kinda.

I’ll write something about it soon.

@kev business idea, project idea, or something else?

@kev You know what I hate about being a developer?...

Having no good ideas, but knowing how to implement them. 😞

@kev I hate being a developer with no good ideas :-) ..or at least ones that would make profit.

@kev what I hate about being a developer is having more ideas than I could make in a lifetime.... 😹

@TinBee that’s a nice problem to have, I think. Pick the best ones and implement those.

@kev Oh you need ten years of practice, but if you don't care about correctness you can get something working earlier

@kev Sorry to say that it is worse if you are a developer: Having a good idea, not having time to do it, even though you know you could, and then google or amazon are that good idea.

@kev I definitely have this feeling very often. I think of something that would be a neat idea for a program or something and I dont have the know-how to implement it.

@kev You know what I hate about being a developer?

Having a good idea, but no knowledge of how to implement it. 😉

@kev I’ve had many a great useful idea then seen someone make it (poorly, often) a couple of years later. 😕

I guess that when I should pitch for funding and pay someone to do it. And work out how to release as GPL or something and still make some $ off it as the ideas guy 😆

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