Been having some fun with the avatar on my homepage...

@kev Oh I like what you do (not only deejaying your avatar) ! But, if I'm not too indiscreet, what do you use as CMS for your site/blog/etc ? 😊

@kev Oh my apologies, I should have seen the "wp-content" in the source code ... it's just that I saw a similar site that wasn't running on Wordpress at all ... bad association of ideas in my head. Anyway, thanks for your answer 🖖😅

@kev I especially like the hamburger emoji for the menu. Nice touch. Nice all around but then you have a long history at being pretty good at this.

@kev Nice, it even works on mobile :) you need to tap on the image and then outside 👌🏻

@kev yeah but I guess you used :hover and since you don’t have a cursor on mobile it’s kinda hard to tell if these things work 😄

@Crocmagnon yeah, :hover that initiates a css animation to rotate, as well as an onmouseover event in the html that changes the image at the same time. 😊

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