So I recently bought and I’m debating changing the domain of my website. Wuddya you folks think?

@kev could break some links that folks have if you're not careful?

@anelki it won't. I'll make sure there's a redirect in htaccess that wildcards the domain.

@kev Just forward from to Best of both worlds.

@mike I would redirect to if I made the switch, but I'm talking about making the canonical domain.

@kev @mike same issue for me. Have a ton of domain name. Never know which one to use. Was thinking about taking {$myname}.sexy yesterday cause why not?

@kev Logical, but is a more general purpose domain. You're using it as a blog now, but in the future you may change your mind. It would be weird running a site with a .blog extension that wasn't actually a blog.

It can easily be solved by creating a 3rd level domain and redirecting it to, or contrariwise: redirect to In both cases the domain stays intact and can be used for whatever you want.

@kev Maybe this is sunk cost fallacy, but you spent quite some time and money already to make .uk work for you, throwing away would be meaningless, unless you want to save domain name and redirect money.

@efftoyz I wouldn't throw the domain away - as you said, I've put too much into it. I'd redirect the .uk domain so all the links out there continue to work.

@kev I know I responded on @hund question about national TLD with "YES", but I like the *.blog idea as well, so I voted for that one..

@kev kevq is difficult to pronounce, so as for me i'd prefer the other. .uk is neat though (they now sell it without .co?)

@piggo yeah, just .uk have been about fro a few years now. They're really cheap too.

@kev I think you try to solve a problem that doesn't exist. is quite unique, short and, given that you are living in the UK, accurate. And of course it's already established. on the the other hand is rather generic, forces you into a topic (blogging) and doesn't really tell anything about you besides your first name, which is rather generic.

What benefit do you think switching the domain would have?

@sheogorath I'm not saying there's a problem, I just like the domain name. I agree with all of your comments.

> on the the other hand is rather generic, forces you into a topic (blogging)

I hadn't actually thought of that - that's a great point.

@dajbelshaw **if** I was to switch, I would redirect both domains to the same place, so no links would be broken. I'm talking about making the new domain the canonical domain for my site.

@kev Ah, I see. Then FWIW, I agree with @sheogorath that you shouldn't limit yourself.

(having said that is the canonical URL for the Tim Ferriss Show which is... a podcast!)

@dajbelshaw @kev @sheogorath meh, 'podcast' is just a brand name for an audio blog. I digress 😉

Current URL is cool because of how it works with your surname. Maybe have point to current address, but otherwise I say it's nowhere near as good.

@kev 50% 50%, right now. I demand a recount. 😂

How helpful was the poll?
When I'd quiz people about magazine covers, it would usually come out 50/50 or thereabouts. haha

@kev one of the things I regret is using my .uk domain for emails and a personal website. Now that I no longer live in the UK it's a bit weird to have a foreign country's domain extension on my business cards (yes, we still use business cards). After 15 years it seems quite hard to change.

@robinjanssens I don’t use that domain for my personal emails, plus I have no intention of leaving the good old UK 🇬🇧. 😊

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