Anyone fancy a Fosstodon members game of Among Us as some point this weekend? Maybe tomorrow evening?

@kev can someone stream it for the ones who cant lie (so they cant play lol) 🥺

@kev I'd be game. I might even be able to stream it. It would have to be the Tube of Yew, but it's doable on relatively short notice I suppose.

@kev sounds crazy enough to be fun! Can't tomorrow evening but any other time, I'm down for this!

@kev I've been hearing quite a lot of good about the game. Might as well give it a try.

@kev I'd be down to play! Not sure if tomorrow will work but I can try.

@kev I'm still quarantined so I'm definitely in 🙌

I am intrested, don't have the game, don't kbow if i have time, but if i do id like to join.

Btw, is there a plan to do a voicw chat, or just chat wity text in game?

@kev sounds like a lot of fun and also a great idea to have some server game nights!

@kev id be up for giving it a try sometime.

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