I've made some pretty big changes to my website.

Ok...I've completely redesigned it.

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@chris yeah, I really wanted something completely different. Glad you like it. πŸ™‚

@kev I'm digging the emojis all over! That's not 90s, but I like the concept of displaying personality like sites in the 90s did.

You've inspired me, I'll have to make my site themed now, because that's basically me. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ (once I get content restored after deleting my database docker volume)

@kev (I think is broken: there are no sounds when I click on images, also the gifs aren't moving =D ) <-- joke...
Great work, excelent design: it reflects how I feel also, and great article, Thank you for sharing it! (and the theme!)

@kev i can't say i'd personally design a website this way, but i think this looks amazing! you did a great job with it!

one thing: the links still highlight blue on :hover, which sorta doesn't fit with the rest of the theme imo. are you going to change that?

@Spaceface16518 really? Links and accents all over the site are blue.

@kev well i meant that the links are the same as before, in general

@Spaceface16518 yeah, I deliberately took the parts from the old site that I liked.

@kev it looks great!! I think it's also a lot closer to what human brains are designed to process & remember than most sites out there with their elegant forgettable nondescriptness. (as in: "not boring" :))

@kev wonderful! The background images bring more color to the page, and I am loving it!

@kev I've not watched Halt and Catch Fire, but you may enjoy Microserfs, by Douglas Coupland.

(more random gifs reqd on the site! Otherwise bang on)

@kev No <marquee>, <blink> or geocities? 0/10 (/s)

@mike @kev yeah where are the stars and comic-sans-like fonts that change in color?

..or was that just my MySpace page.

@Gina @mike I said it was a nod to the 90s. I’m not a bloody sadist! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Cool redesign! It seems to load quick and feels light.

@kev I love the 90s idea β€” even though I was born in '98 πŸ˜ƒ. The web needs to become more unique/personal.

I find it a bit hard to focus on the site, because the background images are so vibrant that my eyes hurt.

Related, I like, because it's pretty and fun at the same time. It's kinda modern and 90s at the same time.

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