Back-pedalled a little with the fonts. I just love these fonts too damn much.

@kev I’ve got a couple of self-hosted fonts. I haven’t optimised them - but they aren’t too big (less than 100k all in). I remember reading an argument against self-hosting google fonts - the gist of it being that the popular ones are cached in most peoples browsers anyway, so by self-hosting the same fonts you are actually increasing bandwidth.

At that point I gave up caring. Who knows what the right thing to do is. It’s not like I’m mining bitcoin in the background or something. It’s just a couple of fonts.

I like your fonts 😁

@jamie yeah, that’s a good point - there’s more important things to worry about. 😊

@kev I like your new old fonts! One of your older posts made me investigate free fonts in the first place.
But fonts can take a lot of space. I was surprised when I found out that half of the Onlyoffice installation size was due to fonts.
Could fonts that selfhosted officelike apps need be managed in a more efficient way?

@paladin @kev you'd think that the developers of said programs would know/investigate that to optimise their programs? 🧐

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