@kev imo it's about whether it's something *you* want to do, from the sounds of your article it comes across like this is a chore in which case I'd say STOP!

Writing is supposed to be enjoyable and if there isn't any joy is there really any point?! Plus, I feel like a lot of people get their content from things other than newsletters (RSS, social media, word of mouth)

Do what makes you happy man!

@kev why not put the content in a blog or static site instead? You'll get more readers long term and possibly get new audiences from users sharing old content again when they discover it.

@kev Yeah, I was subscribed, but just read the first two. Somehow no3 and 4 slipped off my inbox (or got pushed down), but I was never eager to see them. Whatever's new on your RSS feed is more likely to be seen (not necessarily read) by me.

But personal experience/opinion.

@kev And btw, how did you count 'readers'?
I don't fetch content if the email doesn't look broken, so I probably wasn't counted.


Is it possible the "open mail" rate is higher, and mail agent privacy stuff is making the number look lower?

@vandys possibly. But even if every person who is subscribed to Craving Coffee opened the email, I'm still not sure it is worth it.

I don't know what it is, but I haven't really been happy with what I've been producing in the newsletter from the start.


So really, open rate and even subscription count aren't as important. It'd be easier to keep at it if you looked back at your work and said "yep, this is damn good".

A middle ground is to take a hiatus while you rethink and retool. I'm sure your current subscribers would help as Beta for a relaunch.

@vandys yeah, I’ve never been driven by numbers. The fact that *someone* is reading it is good enough for me.

It’s more the fact that I’ve always though “meh” 🤷‍♂️ before I send them.

@kev If producing the newsletter doesn't make you happy, drop it. Your readers will adapt. :)
I'm another one that just follows you through RSS (and usually sees the blog posts on Fedi first anyway). RSS items at least don't have to be constantly deleted; and when they aren't, they don't pile up to form piles upon piles of email and make everything messy.

@kev I didn't even know you had a newsletter. I love your content and just follow the RSS feed. Pick whichever requires less work and effort so you can spend that mental energy and time on writing instead. Or Netflix. Or gardening.

@kev I'd say there's more to be gained from focusing on content and let people get updates as rss feeds (I'm sorry, I didn't know you had a newsletter)

@kev I’d say yes since you never enjoyed writing your newsletters in the first place

@kev I enjoy reading what you write, but you also know my feelings about email. If you were to move the newsletter to a different medium, I"d be just as happy.

@kev If it's not too much work, I say keep it. You never know what might happen. Unless the newsletter has a negative effect, there's no reason to close that door.

@kev I'm created a platform that allows a new kind of blog that's basically just a browsable tree of content. Here's what my current "blog" looks like:


Feel free to try it out.

If you found newsletter as an effective way of distributing content of pulling eyeballs to your blog, dad too would have a newsletter for his notebook.

I say kill it. I think many people see email as a necessity for work and online services, not a way to get news and stories. At least that is what I think. I never subscribed to your newsletter because I grew to dislike email as it became more and more a chore than a tool.

Unlike email app, opening RSS reader on my phone is fun.

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