Got an email over the weekend reminding me that my premium account is due for renewal soon. I thought I had only been with them a couple of years, turns out this is my 4th renewal!

Been a very happy user since Oct 2017. So glad I switched from .

@kev Sweet! For me, it's only the first year. I've cancelled the subscription, though, so it will end in January next year. The reason is that I will install bitwarden_rs instead, which costs $0 per year. With that "price", I get everything in premium + unlimited collections and a little more. Well worth the "price", aye 😉

@edgren yeah. I continue to pay for 2 reasons. 1) I can’t be bothered with the admin. 2) It supports the project. 😊

@kev The right reasons too, especially the second one 🙂 I want to support them too, but I want to have more collections and I am in a "I want to self-host everything! 😬" period now and then 😂

@kev Also happy to pay them. I could self-host but I trust Bitwarden to look after my passwords better than I will myself 😀

@kev What are the benefits? Are there problems with Lastpass one should be aware of?

@Johann150 @kev i guess the most prominent one is the license.
bitwarden is open source, while lastpass is proprietary.

@schrofi @Johann150 yep. And the fact that LastPass is now owned by LogMeIn and true to form, the price has increased significantly since they took over.

@kev I did the same about a year ago. is , cheaper (premium versions) and better (in my opinion) than

Been using it sometime myself not happy I cant use addon or ext with ff android anymore

@kev do they still include trackers in their app?

@kev @jr ehm, i think one tracker I noticed was Microsoft (

@oros @jr they’re using azure for their hosted services, so I assume that’s what it’s for. The “tracking” concern (as I understand it) was them having Google analytics within the app. To took that out though.

@kev Thank you, I have been looking for a cross-platform solution to replace my current password-store setup.

@kev I'm curious, what does premium include? I use the free tier myself

@kev i was a user and supporter of Lastpass for years before they change owners, than i migrated to Bitwarden, then i come to the conclusion I could just use Keepass and sync the database between desktop, laptop, smartphone or whatever and didn't need it to be on someone else server at all. ;)

@kev i started using firefox lockwise then bitwarden, then finally keepassxc. been very happy with keepassxc

@kev Same here. I pay for premium and for an org so I can share passwords with my family. I also self-host because I just don't want my data sitting somewhere I don't control. I've been super happy ever since my switch from LP. The only improvement that would be nice is to have the docker use a different DB...MSSQL is not my preferred platform for a database and is WAY overkill for my use case.

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