Hmmm my :popos: install seems to have shit the bed. Updates are failing with “error code (1)” on the linux-firmware package.

Might just leave it to limp along until the 22nd and flip to Ubuntu 20.10.

To be fair, it’s been the same install for like 3 years. So that’s not too bad. I’m thinking it time to just flip back to mainline Ubuntu and stay there though.

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@kev my :popos: install did the same thing to me (maybe a year ago?). So I'm on vanilla Debian now.

@Citizenzibb yup. I actually used that exact post when troubleshooting the issue originally.

@kev if you're looking for something different than Ubuntu:

take a look at Debian for something really stable that runs Gnome. the software is couple of versions behind (you can always use flatpak for specific things you need latest version of) but nothing ever changes or breaks between releases.

if you want something very up to date but relatively unbreakable, try Fedora. version 33 with latest gnome coming up in a week or two but beta is out already

@markosaric @kev Debian is different from Ubuntu? :D I mean yes it's a little bit en retard but if you want -different- from Ubuntu you should be recommending Solus or Arch or something.

@piratecooper @kev from the original post, i assume Kev's not looking to experiment and tinker but wants something that's familiar and that works. Debian (and even Fedora) fit that category for Gnome/pop users.

@markosaric @kev Ugh well that isn't different, that's just a new yet familiar flavour. @kev I'd say go Solus if you are honestly after different without too much madness.

@piratecooper @markosaric I’m definitely not after different. I’m after familiar, stable and get out of my way so I can get stuff done.

Well, that's Debian's stable branch as mentioned before.

Ubuntu started as one of Debian's spin-offs, based on its testing, unstable and even experimental branches. So, yes the daughter IS different than the mother. Because Ubuntu just has no stable branch.

But it has scheduled release dates, whereas Debian testing turns to stable no sooner than testing was successful.

I wouldn't claim that Debian is 100% error-free, but it's definitely different.

@piratecooper @markosaric Ooops major typo! I meant to say use Ubuntu 20.04 which is LTS instead of 20.10

I am happy with Solus 4.1. Solus' the biggest disadvantage is its relatively small core team and therefore limited support for softwares. Thus it is picky on hardware.
But if it works well on your hardware, it is an amazing OS.
@markosaric @kev

@markosaric I was quite impressed with Fedora the last time I used it, but boy is it hard to break muscle-memory. I can’t count the amount of times I tried to apt-get something.


How's about an alias? So that your muscles don't get confused 😜

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