My thoughts on the Apple walled garden after spending a couple of years in the iOS ecosystem.

@kev nice reading as always.

"The walls of the Apple walled garden are collapsing all around me and I don’t get why people are of this opinion still. What am I missing here?"

that's maybe because they can, for example, install third party app stores or maybe because they can install a cleaner version of the OS so that it doesn't only *send less data home* but send zero data home.

but obviously everyone should use what works for them.

@epical I get that you can install custom ROMs on Android devices, but I'm not sure how that equates to a walled garden on Apple is people are happy with the experience and can still use many (if not all) of the apps/services they wish.

@kev that might be your opinion and your experience but not everyone is happy. many people stop using apple devices for androids like pixel, xiaomi, etc and thinkpads because they want freedom to do what they want with their devices while maintaining quality.

only some weeks ago did people been able to even select what default browser they can use on iphones or whatever and even with that happening apple still only accepts some browsers.

that kind of usability is not acceptable for everyone.


@epical I’m not saying it is acceptable, and that’s fine. My point is simply that different people have different wants and needs.

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