Longer form post why I'm considering new hardware. Hopefully you can help...?



Perfect example of my battery issue. Laptop has been up for 1:16 and I have 18% (now 16% actually) of my battery remaining.

@kev The budget option is to just replace the battery ($ 100), and even a microATX tower might fit a small PCIe card for USB 3. (Otherwise you might look into going with a Ryzen CPU, B550 Mainboard and DDR 4 Ram, which will add up to about $/€ 500). The other way would be to go with a Ryzen notebook with a Renoir (4th generation) APU, which should be the best bang for your buck. There are even some Linux centric hardware vendors that sell these. That would cost you around $/€ 1000.

@kev just a bad joke, but isn't the sloth to blame? :)

@allien oh man, hadn’t though of that! Maybe I need to change my wallpaper to a lightning bolt or something? 😂😂

@kev I would personally consider keeping a desktop (for easy upgradability) and buy something like a pinebook, it has good battery life, is cheap and is a computer. Then I would set up WOL on my desktop, so I can turn it on whenever I need the horse power for development and SSH into it from the pinebook, other than that pinebook should be sufficient for note taking/web browsing/whatever. This might not fit everybody's use case, but I think it would work for me

@kev Have you checked with a different kernel or setup ?

@kev Why is your load average above 1? Does the task you did in the last 5 to 15min really needed to take a core at 100%?

@Zykino not sure, I’d have to check. Atom is an electron app, sooo there is that. 😊

🤔 electron is known for eating the RAM more than spinnig a core at rest. I am mor worried about a bugged process of some sort.

Stupid question but you do have TLP enabled right?

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