Some of my thoughts on the recent debacle around Matt Mullenweg ( creator) and the

@kev I'll have to agree with you on those points. It's no where near as simple as Wordpress.

@kev I would say you're not comparing the same tools - any SSG truly isn't a tool to manage content with. There are many headless CMS one can connect to SSG build pipeline (see Once setup is done, publishing process isn't much different to one you mentioned for WordPress, and a fictional marketing person does not need to undergo that painful publishing process :)

@kev also forget to mention, WordPress itself could serve as a CMS for statically generated site.

@romanvesely true, there are CMS for SSGs available, however the technical barrier for entry is far higher than that of wordpress.

@kev, I, for one, am happy to not be dealing with a Drupal site, Varnish cache, and pulling my hair out trying to figure out why pages aren’t being either cached or updated. But there were a lot of things wrong with that site, so maybe JAMstack isn’t the solution I think I need, either. (Current website is on a PaaS, and I’m looking for more flexibility.)

@kev Good article.

Static sites have so many benefits, well just one benefit, they are fast.

Why on earth can no one make a feature in Wordrpress:

"Publish as static page"

It's shouldn't exactly be rocket science to transform a page from WYSIWYG editor to static page.

It should be like pushing print in windows. Done. The page is on a piece of paper. Super static. (except if you try to print a website - looks bad)

SSG generators (yes I use a PC computer) are ridiculously user unfriendly.

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