The company I work for do this thing where you get reward points for good work. I had like 20,000 saved up and decided to chop half of them in for an Apple Watch.

It comes tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I have a Garmin smart watch, but I think this will be integrated to my phone so much more.

Cue the Apple hate. 🙄

It’s ok folks, we’re allowed to like proprietary stuff too, it’s all good. 😊

@kev would be interested in learning more about how the company does these reward points, and exactly how employees collect them.
Good for you to use some of the companies money ;)

@g it’s simple really. You do good work, the work is recognised, people of a certain seniority can give them out. There’s different amounts based on the amount of work put in, or how impactful the result was.

@kev @g sounds rough... I get rewarded with money. At the end of each month.


@basil @g I keep telling work that I’m struggling to pay my mortgage with reward points, but they just won’t listen.

On the plus side though, we have lovely towels!

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