The company I work for do this thing where you get reward points for good work. I had like 20,000 saved up and decided to chop half of them in for an Apple Watch.

It comes tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I have a Garmin smart watch, but I think this will be integrated to my phone so much more.

Cue the Apple hate. 🙄

It’s ok folks, we’re allowed to like proprietary stuff too, it’s all good. 😊

@kev you won’t hear any hate from me. I love Apple products. Posting this from my iPhone

@kev If anything, apple has proved time and time again their customers privacy is a priority for them. One of the proprietary companies I can get behind!

in the least rude way possible I just sometimes wonder if people have actually *read* Apple's privacy policy before hailing them as the saviours of privacy. If you're too lazy to read it (understandable) has it - they still collect data and share it. The NSA still gets the data as well - though I've yet to wireshark it.

@kev I've been a long time Google Pixel/Android user. Had the revelation this year just how bad their privacy and data collection is. Currently waiting for the iPhone 12 to be released to make the move over from Android to Apple. I know an iPhone isn't some Linux FOSS-based super-anti-privacy device, but I feel like it's a step in the right direction. Baby steps!

I've definitely got my eyes on the new Watch as well 👀

@kev is one of the few mainstream companies which seems to give two shits about privacy.

Since we are talking about privacy, wouldt LineageOS be better in that than an iPhone?

@epical Nothing against apple or, TBH, Android. It's not the big companies, it's the small /medium ones who take a third party SDK no questions asked, and you just click through the permissions. They pay well and your users will never know ;)
But no. Lineage won't help.

I tendo to disagree with that.
LineageOS or GrapheneOS is not the same as a default android on a brand new phone.

@epical Correct. It's not necessarily the OS - it's the apps which run on it. (their website went dark a few / several months ago) offers real-world location based analytics.

You'll never know they're embedded in an app on your phone, because they work with the devs.

You can see their partners on the wayback machine:

They claimed to have penetration into ~80% of all mobile devices. Their affiliate page hasn't been archived, sadly, and since they changed name again late last year, I've kind of lost track.

Skyhook is the same except it doesn't need GPS - it can locate you purely from which WiFi APs you're attached to, so turning off location data doesn't work.

There are dozens if not hundreds of companies who specialise in this kind of intelligence.

They pay app devs to incorporate their code.

Unless you're running lineageOS or GrapheneOS with zero third party apps - or genuinely FOSS apps, you're being tracked, analysed, and sold.
@epical Working (one off on-the-ground job) for these guys is what pushed me to UBPorts as my go-to mobile OS.

@crow I'm waiting for support to my device to be decent 😄

For now LineageOS, no Gapps crap or even MicroG. I can safely say i went from 30-40% DNS requests blocked to ~10%.

@crow Btw i trust as much Apple or Android stores.

But the fact that Apple does not allow third party stores makes it almost impossible to use any open source apps, so Android takes a point there.

I trust more Fdroid than the official Google Store or Apple store.

Also it's perfectly reasonable to have a Pihole and investigate what apps are doing.

That together with a firewall on the phone can limit what apps can do and avoid those known offenders.

@epical Yes. Everything is probably better than Ios and Google Android. :)

Apple is fine. We're free to choose.

[for privacy discussions] Apple was found listening to Siri conversations (through contractors), right after "What happens on your iphone remains on your iphone" campaign.

@kev that reward system sounds really odd to me. Of course it's nice to be rewarded for good work, but doesn't that establish an unspoken "hierarchy" between co-workers, which leads to a battered work-atmosphere?

@garritfra not really no. It’s not about how much work you do, it’s about the quality of the work.

@kev would be interested in learning more about how the company does these reward points, and exactly how employees collect them.
Good for you to use some of the companies money ;)

@g it’s simple really. You do good work, the work is recognised, people of a certain seniority can give them out. There’s different amounts based on the amount of work put in, or how impactful the result was.

@kev @g sounds rough... I get rewarded with money. At the end of each month.

@basil @g I keep telling work that I’m struggling to pay my mortgage with reward points, but they just won’t listen.

On the plus side though, we have lovely towels!

@kev After thinking about this, it could be bias. If those people with the seniority really like someone they could just keep giving them points, and give no points to the people they don't like.
But then again, no system is ever perfect

@g yeah. There’s checks and balances in place to prevent that. For example, if I keep giving my team really high awards, it would flag.

@kev I’ve had one for a few years. I really like mine. Especially like being able to leave my phone at home and still listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

@jamie wait... that’s a thing? No way??? I’d love to listen to podcasts while it walking the dog without fear of being called and disturbed.

@jamie (can you tell I haven’t actually researched what the thing can do)

@kev @jamie
Have you heard of these hip new gadgets called mp3 players? 😁

@kev @jamie
Getting the Mrs a new Garmin for Christmas for almost exactly this purpose. Phone free running with podcasts and music. Exceedingly appealing feature.

@basil @jamie My Garmin is one of the really basic Netto ones and it’s nearly 4 years old now, so can’t do all this clever jiggery pokery. Great device though.

@basil @kev @jamie let’s hope Mrs Basil doesn’t check your mastodon account #spoilers

Apple ecosystem feels like jail for me. Haven't used an iPhone before as I cannot get over not being able to sideload apps or download random files in browser.

@vitSkalicky haha how can you say it feels like a jail if you’ve never used it?

Personally, I’d rather not side load apps from unverified sources. I just need my phone to work, I don’t want to mess around with it.

When I imagine it I feel like it would be jail. It's because I am used to dowloading apps from F-Droid.

I like the freedom to use apps that don't need to be verified by Google. (e.g. NewPipe)

@vitSkalicky each to their own. It would be a very boring world if we all liked/wanted the same thing. 😊

@kev I think the main problem with Apple is that they’re overpriced, but IMHO, there’s no better tablet than the iPad.

@gadonias @kev They certainly have capitalized on their name. But even having said that, I have never gotten stuck with a “lemon” Apple product. Apple has always made right any product issue I have ever experienced. I tend to think of their overzealous pricing as something akin to buying a product with some “insurance” built in. At least that’s the way it always felt to me prior to the “Apple Care tax” of present. But at the end of the day, it’s great to have options out there in the market.

@gadonias I think that uses to be the case, but now flagship phones from other manufacturers like Google, Samsung etc. are similarly priced.

I like the SE range (which is the phone I have). They’re reasonably priced.

Their laptops etc continue to be be very over priced though.

@kev I'd say they're similarly *over*priced, but I get your point 😅

Another problem with all those major manufacturer is the lack of interoperability but, I understand they want us to be fully immersed in their respective ecosystems.

About their laptops, I gotta say, last time I bought a MacBook (2012), it lasted up until the late 2019 running pretty well the latest version of their OS X. It's hard to find laptops with that kind of durability. For some people, it may be worth the price.

@kev having music controls, calendar notifications, maps, and messages all easily accessible on the watch is really fantastic. Less useful for me while working from home for the foreseeable future, but definitely a good investment. Even better when it doesn’t cost money.

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