@kev interesting. i'm in the planning stages of a blog and have been leaning towards Hugo (mainly because I've been writing a lot of Go recently). You said that you did look at Hugo at some point. What's your take on Hugo vs Jekyll? (not that it's a competition, just curious about pros/cons of each).

@tjb @kev I use pelican, which isn't in your options but is pretty cool.

@tjb it was literally a couple hours that I spent with Hugo, so I don’t know enough to make a comparison, sorry.

@tjb @kev i like hugo because 1) it’s really fast, 2) it has great list of themes, and 3) it’s really easy to customize your site by just overriding the theme, especially if you know Go.

@Spaceface16518 how are you hosting your generated site? i've been trying to get mine running on gitlab pages, with no luck. :(

@tjb i’m using vercel.com because they have easy and free static hosting with git integration. not the greenest or most responsible solution, but i’m working on changing that.

@Spaceface16518 nice! thanks! (also, i've been looking at the same theme for my blog!) 🙂

@tjb @kev I've built a couple sites with Jekyll, and Hugo both but I dislike their complexity.

I ended up building my own SSG and have been very happy with it: github.com/oxalorg/genox

I've documented it quite thoroughly, if you're feeling adventorous you can give it a try (it's only around 250 lines of python)

@kev I used Hugo and Lektor as my generators of choice.

@kev ssg5. Static site generator in 180 lines of posix shell. Written and used by this guy... romanzolotarev.com

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