Aaaand this is why using your own domain for your email is a good thing. Per-service email addresses are a God send.

@kev I don't disagree, but to be fair, you can use too.

@meno a lot of sites (linkedin included, I think) block plus addresses. Using a sub-domain ensures it's never blocked.

@meno @kev yeah, either dumb email address pattern matching, or it's deliberate. I prefer qmail's dash-names anyway

@kev make it re-usable. "" automatically goes into trash. "" goes into a separate folder.

@yarmo I have that kinda thing too. Basically, I have a catch-all on the sub-domain, so I can have anything I want.

@kev yeah, me too. I'm never going back to living without catchall.

@kev I'm doing the same by creating an alias for each website requiring a subscription.

Rules are on server side, every client sees the same thing, and you can quickly identify who is the bad boy that sells your email to spammers...

@Wivik @kev I'm using that method since 2011 and had a few funny conversations since.
A guy at the automobile club asked me if I'm another emploee there. A real estate agent asked me the same.
The funniest reaction came from another one who tried to convince me to not to use that name, because Remax is a protected trade mark. 😜
Anyway, he started to send me his newsletters without asking for permission... 🤡

@kev I do the same but instead of linkedin@domain I do linkedin.[6 or so digits]@domain so if LinkedIn email gets leaked you just update the site with a new one.

@kev that is funny in a way. I feel the same about LinkedIn spam :)

@kev so great! I am using for privacy and email aliases. Not as good as domain specific adresses but easy to go. Is is selfhosted mail serveur ?

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