New post on Dad's Notebook. And yes, this post does include poo. Sorry!

@kev I loved it! :) Whatever you decide for an answer in the future, let it be something your kids, who might overhear you, will be OK with hearing.

OMG this had me in stitches. 😂😂😂 Subbed to your blog!

Lots of poo and puke 

@kev There are a lot of poo stories when it comes to having kids. Puke too. When my oldest was only a couple months old he dropped a 2 in his nappy right after a feeding. I decided to change him right away (being the responsible parent), and while he was half clean, diaper off, laying on his back on my bed, he puked straight up into the air. It came right back down on his own face. The poor kid had puke in his eyes. There was just poop and puke everywhere. Parent of the year!

Lots of poo and puke 

@mike @kev projectile vomit and you're in the line of fire is goodtimes™ too.

It's less of a hassle than poo, but during potty training it was hilarious and annoying at the same time to hear "I'm peeing".

Not "I *have* to pee", but just calmly announcing what's going on in his life at this particular moment 😂 Thanks buddy, could've used a heads up!

Lots of poo and puke 

@kungtotte @kev Yea, gotta love a kid's sense of timing. I picked mine up at daycare one day and the teacher tells me that he's been complaining his tummy hurts. I pick him up and he promptly pukes over my shoulder all the way down my back.

Then, deadly serious, he says, "I threw up."

No kidding kid. I noticed.

He has not a drop on him, I'm literally covered shoulder to heal.

I had to borrow a garbage bag to cover my car seat so I wouldn't get vomit everywhere.

@kev Though it might be painful at times, children help us to see who we are. Sometimes it may push us to become a better person, but quite often their feedback shows us that we are more decent, caring, trusted and funny than we thought.

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