In my mailbox I have conversation view...

(feel free to elaborate in the comments)

@kev Grouping off (where possible) but it's still aware of them, and shows me context.

@kev At work I'm juggling several different threads from often the same person, conversation view helps me keep track of the different conversations and keep the threads separate.

@codeHaiku @kev genuinely curious: how do you quickly get context for your email?

@codeHaiku @kev If it functions exactly like internet forums did/do. All the discussions are in threads, and a new reply to a thread bumps it to the top and indicates there's a new reply. Everything is sorted by date of last response. That's really all there is to it.

@kev Off. Omg off. Please don't attempt to "bundle" messages together, only for it to break with a FWD RE or some other method.

My email are in threads and threads are collapsed

So yes ?

It has been there for a long time as a feature in mutt

@kev for those of you who answered "off", what mail client are you using?

i've been a gmail user for more than a decade now, so conversation view/threads are like breathing.

@kev At work, where most of my email use is, I have it on. At home it’s off, but there is much less mail to deal with. I generally find it useful.

@jamie @kev

At work it is unbelievably valuable.
I would never turn it off there.
It would be almost impossible to follow up on topics, especially when conversations start splitting up, e.g. in internal and external comments under the same subject.

At home, it is rather unnecessary, but I do not really have any widespread conversations going on there.

@kev Heh, turned on as part of mu4e in emacs... works really well :)

@kev Off. Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, Tutanota, all the same.
If I really need to remind myself of something about a conversation I turn it on temporarily. I like my emails in chronological order.

@kev Turned off. The other way is for heathens.

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