Yesterday was the first day of school. Here's how our little fellas got on after 6 months out...

@kev Fun read. Three more days for us. Can't wait.

@kev Oh man, my sympathies. Our two were not only back to school after six months but both starting new schools!

Thankfully, there hasn't been any drama (yet!) but my wife and I are on the lookout for telltale signs...

@dajbelshaw yeah, ours were starting new schools too. :(

@kev Sounds like things are going pretty well. Our youngest will be starting pre-school next week too, though she's been before. She's really looking forward to seeing her friends. My others have been in school for going on three weeks, but it's been digital from home, so that's come with a whole other set of challenges.

Side note, my company thinks your site is a gambling site, so I can't view your blog while I'm at work. Thought that was kind of funny.

@mike haha I wonder if it’s something to do with Netlify?

@mike I'm also on netlify if you want to confirm :P


@benoitj @kev Doesn't look like it's with Netlify. works perfectly. I"m guessing it's the terminology used as far as "notebook". It's a stretch, but it's all I can think of right now.

@mike @benoitj @kev
Sidenote: I didn't know Netlify. How does it compare to something like Jenkins?

The primary feature of host your static pages. It also includes a relatively limited build and deployment compared to

does not host static pages, but is a fairly featureful build and deployment tool

@mike @kev

@ghil @mike @benoitj @kev Netlify has the ability to connect to GitHub/lab and build your site automatically when you push changes

I did not mention it since the OP wanted to know the difference. Jenkins can do that too.

@ghil @mike @kev

@benoitj @daver98

Yep, Jenkins is pretty awesome on its own, and I'm about to start a new blog, so I wanted to know what I would gain by going with Netlify instead. Thanks for the answers :D

@mike @kev

for a simple static site, using basic tools including hugo or jeckyl, Netlify gives you 0 to publish in one hour or two. You could actually use both, netlify for web page serving, jenkins for building and publishing, but this is not necessary in most cases.

@daver98 @mike @kev

@benoitj @ghil @daver98 @mike in pretty happy with Netlify. I’m using Jekyll for this site, so when I push a change, it builds. You get something like 100 build minutes for free a month, so ideal for a blog of this nature.

I'll definitely be looking into Netlify this weekend then :) Thanks!

@benoitj @daver98 @mike

@kev I love those reports/stories. I love even more how much you care about the privacy of your "actors" (especially your kids) and your readers. Well done!

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