Noooo!!! 😭😭😭

My favourite, irreplaceable mug is gone. 😢

Anyone know if we can still buy these now the Ubuntu store is gone?

@onepict ooooo! I hadn’t considered that. Thanks!

Don't you have in the UK small companies specializing on printing on mugs any picture you provide them? So it shouldn't be a problem.
But breaking a favorite mug is a pity nonetheless.

@VikingKong I think it’s because I’ve had it do long and I’ve never seen a mug that size and shape anywhere else. 😕

I used to have the orange one, which I really loved, but I managed to break that too. Clearly I shouldn’t be trusted around breakable things!

@kev 😢😢😢 but hey, maybe time for a distro change 😅 with a working store

@kev gorilla glue and duct tape but I'm a man from Maine. Lost a Dunkin mug like that once. Got a Habs mug the love (wife) replaced it with. Lol

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