Today is my birthday and my wife got me one of these retro game things. It also comes with an RGB cable to connect to the TV and a controller. Probably only costs like £20 but I’m really happy with it.

The kids love Mario!

I also got the obligatory socks and boxers, of course!

@kev neat little device! I kind of want one now too haha! Happy birthday!

@kev Happy Birthday, dude! Wish you be spolied rotten 😄

Have a great one!

@kev happy birthday! Sounds like money well spent :)

I know everybody is saying happy birthday and stuff, but yoi couth my curiosety with that rgb cable

@Twelve sorry, I think there are some typos in your comment, so I don’t insert the question?

Oh yeah, it went real bad. Sorry
Just curius about this rgb cable

And happy birthday if i forgot it.

Happy birthday, don't eat too much 🍰 😄

@kev happy birthday 🥂 enjoy the retro experience with your kids

@kev Happy birthday, sir!! Hope you have a great day! 🍰 🎉

@kev happy birthday from the newbie. How does that play?

@thriftygamer83 yeah it’s ok. Not the greatest but good enough to have fun on. Annoying thing is that it doesn’t save progress. Mind you, most retro games didn’t back in the day.

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